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Cheap romantic gift ideas can sometimes be hard to find but with today's economy we really need to start paying attention to prices.

However, cheap does not mean bad and in this case it can be just the opposite. There are some great romantic gifts you can get for a small amount of money.

heart shaped chocolateI always insist on the fact that one person's romantic idea is not romantic for another person but I will give my best to list as many different ideas as possible.

Here are my favorite cheap romantic gift ideas.

  • Get a nice photo frame to match the colors of her/his bedroom and put a photo of you two from the last vacation in it.

  • Buy a plain cheap stuffed toy and make a nice t-shirt or a hat for it. You can get a custom toys made with all sorts of clothes but that will be more expensive. In this case the least expensive brown teddy bear is 10$, and any addition to it raises the price).

  • A bouquet of flowers is always a nice gift. Think about getting a plant, it lasts longer and it will remind her of you all day long.

  • Find out what is her favorite book classic and find an old edition at some garage sale or book shop (as low as 50 cents)

  • While at books, for less than $10 you can get stone bookends shaped like little angels.

  • There are always some DVDs on sale. Find out what old movie she loves to watch and make it a part of her collection. Or get a chick flick, you can almost never go wrong with that (as low as $5).

  • You can make custom products with a photo of you two. Instead of a photo you can put something you want to say to your loved one on the product (T-shirt, mug, mouse pad).

  • romantic gifts for himIs he a sport fan? Was his favorite team a champion once? Get him a DVD of that game, he will love it.

  • If he likes to drink wine you can get a nice two piece set of wine pourer and stopper for as low as $10.

  • She likes to exercise? Buy her a new yoga mat ($7-15) or water bottle (Nike bottle can be bought for $8).

  • How about a present for people that love sweets? There are so many different kinds of candy in heart shapes and you cannot go wrong with it.

  • You can often find magazine subscriptions at lowered prices. You can get her a year subscription for as low as $5. Girls, this is a great idea for you too. You can get your man sport magazine subscription for $10 per year.

  • Decorative boxes are something a girl can always use, so get one of those, they are not expensive and she can keep her jewelry or other small items in it. You can even make one or decorate a plain box into something just for her.

  • Buy a nice looking candle. Choose one to match the room she likes to spend the most time in. Need ideas? A great candle for the kitchen would be a candle in the glass looking like a cappuccino. If you don't feel like matching the room try to match her favorites, so if she likes dogs buy her a puppy candle. There are so many different shapes and colors (even animal prints) of candles you can choose from that I can see no problem in buying a good one.

I did not have a certain amount of money in my head when I wrote this but it seems that these cheap romantic gift ideas will cost you no more than $20. Of course there are candles that cost $100 or $70 magazine subscriptions.

Still, everything on this list can be found for less than $20, you just need to choose smart. Most of them can even be bought for less $10. If you have additional cheap romantic gift ideas or a question you can contact me.

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