Las Vegas romance | Make your trip rock

Your trip to Las Vegas romance is going to be no more or no less than what you make it to be.

The challenge with casino attractions such as this is that if you spend your whole resources in the first couple of hours you are in for a very long and pretty boring journey.

Self control is not what this specific city is famous for. Yet it requires a lot of self control to be able to truly win at the games which are usually played in this city.

las vegas romance

From the dazzling and glittery nightlife full of dancing women, flowing booze, and the eternal buzzing of the slot machine, Las Vegas is a city that was quite literally built on busted dreams.

If you don't understand this going in, the chances are rather great that you might learn the lesson the hard way.

That is in no way meant to prevent your from going to Sin City, or from gambling in the casinos. That is after all the most important attraction for a visit to this location. Still have some Las Vegas romance before you start gambling.

I personally, spent a long weekend there with my hubby just recently and not only had fun but got some cash.

In case you are going to risk in any way, at least wait till you're getting ready to leave the city instead of doing it your very first evening in.

I've heard Vegas has a lot of background in it. I had little time to discover it out. If you get the chance during your visit, discover all you can about the history of this area.

I think it will make the journey a whole lot more significant to you and will probably romanticize your time in the city a bit too.

Plus, for your guys, the girls love a good tale and if you can woo them by using grand stories of Vegas, then perhaps you will find a little luck of your own during your visit.

So how to have some Las Vegas romance in your journey?

Get up early enough to catch a breakfast at the self-serve buffet in New York New York hotel. You'll love the food and you will definitely love the surrounding of the little restaurant.

Catch a bouncing water fountains show while in front of Bellagio hotel.

Go see a show! If you can watch "Peepshow" you will have a wonderful evening out.

OK, so topless girls may not be what you wanted your boyfriend to check out, but if you take him to see Holly Madison half naked, don't you think that he will appreciate your sacrifice?

Take a chopper ride and visit the Grand canyon.

Take a gondola ride at the Venetian hotel, almost like being in Venice, Italy (see the image at the top of the page).

I would choose to visit Sin City (and see some Las Vegas romance) over many American spots because its history just isn't painted in bright colors. This is a city that lives in sins and relishes.

While some may think of it as 'Sin City' I prefer to consider it as a city that may be unburdened with the sins of its history. When you think about it, people who are only passing through do the vast majority of sins in Vegas.

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