Great romantic picnic ideas

romantic picnic basketNeed romantic picnic ideas? Great, because I have some of those to share with you.

If you and your loved one like to spend time in the nature you will have a lot of fun being together on a romantic picnic. Ideas are always there so let me remind you of some of them.

Best spot

Best spot for a romantic picnic is a park that is not always packed with people. You need some time together without small children running around and tripping over you.

If your choices are limited, at least see what time of the day is the least busy. Maybe the park is empty when children are in school.

A great choice can even be your own backyard if it is clean and looks nice. A nice big backyard can be the perfect spot for a romantic picnic. Especially that it has the benefit of being available only for you two.

Best time

Time mostly depends on your free time. If you work every day than Sundays might be your only choice. Try to organize a picnic when both of you have the whole day available. You don't want to rush it because you need to go to a baseball game in the evening.

What is the best time of the day? Any time of the day can be great and here are some pros and cons for them:

  • morning -- a light breakfast can be a great food choice for the picnic but if you can't wake up without a coffee take this in consideration
  • afternoon -- you are all awake, you had time to prepare but if it is hot outside this is the time of the day when it will be the hottest
  • evening/night -- it can be so romantic with little night lights all around you, that will really make a romantic atmosphere but watch out for mosquitoes, other insects and dangerous animals.

Romantic picnic ideas | Basket tips

romantic wine glassAnything you two like to eat and drink is a great choice. Let's just make it look nice.

To make it way more romantic you could make or buy some heart shaped sweets. You could also get a heart shaped cutter and create heart sandwiches.

When it comes to drinks, if you drink and you have the day for yourselves, there has to be a romantic classic in your picnic basket -- a bottle of champagne or vine and two glasses.

Buy some nice glasses specially for that picnic. Try not only to use stuff you already have but make it a bit special by adding some new touch.

Just jump here if you need more romantic picnic food ideas.

The setup

If you can do it (depending on the time and place) you can put some balloons where you will be sitting. Tie them up to the basket or even a rock next to you. As long as they don't fly away it will be OK.

romantic sweetsYou will be sitting on the ground so choose a nice blanket to sit on. Don't bring out her favorite blanket she likes to cover up with, while reading a book. A lot of women don't like their favorite things getting dirty on the ground.

Since you might spend some time sitting there and having a nice time, why not bring a little pillow for her. It will be more comfortable and she will appreciate the attention.

A lot of people like listening to music no matter what they do. So a nice selection of your favorite songs playing from a portable music player is a great addition to romantic picnic ideas.

To sum it up, a list of things you will need:

  • a nice quiet spot
  • enough time
  • favorite food including sweets
  • a bottle of vine and two glasses
  • a blanket
  • balloons
  • pillow
  • music

Were these romantic picnic ideas enough for you to create a nice picnic? I hope it was and that you had a great time spending time with your loved one.

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